Little Dutch Picnic set

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🍓🥝 🍊 Snack time!

Introducing our Picnic Play Set—a delightful toy designed to bring the joy of outdoor picnics right into your child's playroom!

Packed with plates, cups, utensils, and pretend food, this set offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and skill development.

As they set up the picnic blanket, arrange the plates, and serve up delicious imaginary treats, they're not just playing—they're developing essential life skills.

Through imaginative role-playing, children hone their social skills, learning the importance of sharing, cooperation, and taking turns. They also engage in creative storytelling, expanding their vocabulary and communication skills as they describe the picnic scene and interact with their playmates.

So, whether it's a sunny day in the park or a rainy afternoon indoors, our Picnic Play Set promises hours of wholesome entertainment and skill-building fun for your little ones. Encourage their imagination to flourish and watch as they create unforgettable picnic adventures, one imaginary bite at a time!

  • ✔️ 21 x 17 x 6 cm
  • 🌳 100% FSC wood
  • ❇️ Promote healthy eating
  • ❇️ Mimic their parents' everyday rituals

Little Dutch is a brand of toys and nursery décor products, known for its bright colours, playful designs and high-quality materials. All Little Dutch products are designed in-house and are produced with an emphasis on sustainability.

🗣️ We think

This Picnic Set brings the excitement of outdoor picnics into your child's playroom. Through imaginative play, children develop crucial social skills like sharing and cooperation while enhancing their fine motor skills through arranging the pieces.

👶 Suitable for

Ages 2+

📦 In the box

  • Basket
  • Play Food
  • Wooden Cutlary
  • Blanket
  • Cups and plates
  • Honey pot
  • Jam pot

🧸 Info & Care

🧼 Wipe clean with a cloth

❤️ Made by

Little Dutch