5 benefits of having a wooden play pretend kitchen

Elena Zidar |

 There is something special about wooden kitchen toys and accessories

With so many beautiful and playful options to choose from, your child is sure to find the perfect toy for hours of fun and learning. 

From pans and pots to plates, cups, and utensils, we have everything they need to make a feast for their guests! 


Here are 5 benefits of having a wooden play pretend kitchen : 

🤏Kitchen sets enable the children to manipulate the toys and develop their fine motor skills develop their fine motor skills 

👩‍🍳Our carefully selected wooden kitchen toys and supermarkets will engage your Master Chef for hours in a fun imaginative play. Kitchen sets are designed to entice your child’s creativity and imagination and start to enjoy role playing and “cooking” for the family  in a fun imaginative play. With our wooden kitchen sets, the possibilities are endless!

🧑👧 playing with friends or family engages them in communication and building their vocabulary

🧠Children will build on their knowledge and understanding of the world by talking about where the food comes from and teaching them basic health and safety around the home.

🦸Children can build on their self esteem and resilience by achieving what they have set out to do