Marble Ball Runs

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HABA and Wonderworld marble runs are made from high quality 100% FSC wood.

Great fun for kids and adults alike and would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves construction toys. Highly recommended by Zidar Kid (and Dads ❤️)

HABA Ball Track Compatibility

The curves, ramps, and straight tracks can in principle be flexibly assembled with each other from all three systems.

The extra large wooden balls (diameter: 4.6 cm), which cannot be swallowed and that are included in My First Ball Track and HABA Kullerbü, are specially adapted to the wide straight tracks, curves, and ramps of both of these systems. Compared to these, the tracks of the Classic HABA Ball Track have a considerably narrower track, down which the speedy colourful marbles can roll (diameter: 1 cm). When My First Ball Track or the Kullerbü are assembled with the Classic HABA Ball Track to create a larger ball track structure, only the small marbles can roll through the complete structure, not the large wooden balls. That’s why it is important that the Classic HABA Ball Track always forms the starting point of the emerging ball track structure.

While the basic elements from all three systems can be easily combined with each other, some effects cannot or can only be partly combined with each other.

Two examples of this: Only the large wooden balls can roll through the large big dipper ramp or the looping ramp – both HABA Kullerbü elements – but not the small marbles. The marbles can of course roll smoothly through other HABA Kullerbü elements such as the windmill wheel ramp; however, unlike the large HABA Kullerbü wooden balls, they cannot trigger the corresponding effect. The reason - the diameter of the marbles is too small to set the windmills in motion.

You can start with a set or just a small accessory and build up to large layout by placing the blocks alongside or on top of each other. This makes them quick to build and re-build into a huge variety of constructions.

Each of the accessory packs adds another dimension of thrills and spills. The only limit is your imagination.

Extra accessory packs including musical blocks, big wheels and skittles are available to purchase which add more pieces and more possibilities for your construction.