What toys are good for babies and why?

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Discovering the perfect toys for babies takes us through a delightful exploration of many beautiful options.

From soft play mats resembling VIP lounges to rattles, soft dolls, and toys that take center stage.

Baby gyms and activity toys that promote motor skills, and memory boxes that preserve precious mementos for future reflection.

There are so many wonderful choices to make. Flowers and butterflies, Sailor Bay, Little Farm, or the Baby Bunny – which one is your choice?

What toys are good for babies and why?

1. Little Dutch Rattles

Rattles are the rock stars of the baby band – the tiny jingles that turn a newborn's world into a rhythm-filled wonderland! As tiny hands grasp and shake their newfound buddies, it's not just a concert; it's a baby's debut into the world of sensations and the cutest exercise ever.

2. Little Dutch Playmats

Enter the VIP lounge of baby exploration – the soft play mat palace! Decked out with sensory textures fit for a tiny king or queen, these magical mats create a cozy kingdom for little ones to rule from the comfort of their own space.

3. Little Dutch Baby Gyms

Welcome to the baby gym – the ultimate workout arena for our little athletes in the making! Hanging toys and interactive wonders create a playground where reaching, batting, and kicking aren't just exercises – they're superhero moves. Whether it's a soft baby gym or a wooden one, the choice is yours.

4. Little Dutch Music Boxes

Say hello to the sleep maestros – the enchanting music boxes! Nestled beside the cot like tiny orchestra conductors, these musical companions create a calming symphony, lulling babies into the sweetest dreams.

From Miffy, flower, bird, duck, to boat – the choice is yours.

5. Soft Dolls and Soft Toys

Meet the cuddle commanders – soft dolls, the treasured buddies from the get-go! With plush bodies as huggable as marshmallows and faces as friendly as a giggling sunshine, these snuggle buddies are the first mates on a baby's social interaction voyage. Whether it's a character like Cuddle Doll Rosa, Jim, Julia, Evi, Miffy or a soft toy from one of the baby gift boxes, they will certainly bring comfort and joy.

6. Little Dutch Memory Boxes

This will come in handy later on in life. Think of them as the baby's first time capsules, carefully storing the tiniest locks of hair, tiny socks, and beloved jumper – each a relic from the fleeting moments of infancy. They come in a few designs like pink flowers, blue sailor bay, and last but not least, the natural collection with the baby bunny.

In the magical symphony of early childhood, each soft toy is a star player, fostering development, providing comfort, and creating memories as sweet as baby giggles.

From the rhythm of rattles to the snuggly embrace of soft dolls, these companions make the first experiences in the world a melody of joy and discovery.