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A simple philosophy drives this company: The most important thing in life is kids! HABA strives to create a world where children are loved and valued through fabulous wooden toys. They believe that it's not just parents' responsibility, but everyone’s job- from siblings or friends all the way down through teachers -to make sure your child has everything they need for healthy development into adulthood.

Instilling fundamental values like selflessness, independence & creativity will help them become creative people capable of imagining new possibilities. It doesn't matter if you're an adult yourself; there's still plenty to learn!

For several generations our toys have proven their worth with their high-quality design. The credit for this great achievement goes above all to our designers and game editors. Over 15 HABA employees pour their heart and soul into the development of well-thought-out toys and games, every day. They get their inspiration from nature or people, while traveling, or at home, while working in solitary or in a team, and at the end of it all, special products emerge that stimulate childish curiosity and desire to play.

Not only are our ideas made in Germany, but so are most of our wooden toys and play figures. They are produced at our own HABA facilities in the Upper Franconian city of Bad Rodach, Germany. Our ideas are rooted in Germany, just as are the trees we use for our wooden products. They come from sustainable forest management, which is why all our wooden toys carry the PEFC seal.