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Educational Toys for 2 Year Olds

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The world of toys becomes a captivating realm for our active 2-year-old's.

Little Dutch Scooters lead the way, transforming each movement into a mini-road trip, while stacking toys become the architects of colorful towers, fostering balance and coordination.

In this toddler toy adventure, laughter echoes through car games and mini-kitchens, while the soft embrace of cuddly dolls makes each moment a treasure of delightful discoveries and warm embrace.

From the playful stacking toys to the soft dolls, every toy is a companion in their imaginative world, transforming playtime into a magical toddler experience.

What toys are good for 2 year old's and why

Step into the enchanting world of wooden educational toys, specially crafted for our 2-year-old.

Here is our selection for the passionate young minds.

1. Little Dutch Stacking Toys

Picture tiny hands eagerly reaching for wooden blocks, shapes or animals ready to embark on a balancing adventure. As little ones arrange, stack, and topple the wooden blocks, they practice their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. If you prefer something lighter there are also cardboard stacking blocks in the Little Dutch Collections flower and butterflies, Sailor Bay and Little Farm.

2. Role Play Cars and Trains

Wooden cars and trains transform playtime into a journey of imagination. Watch as little drivers and conductors race through the race track by Jabadabado whilst fostering creativity and spatial understanding.

Cars or trains ? Which one is your little one passionate about?

3. Role Play Kitchen and Making Food

Enter the world of culinary creativity with wooden kitchen sets. From slicing wooden fruits to flipping pancakes in the Mini Kitchen , these role-play kitchen adventures not only serve up fun but also nurture social skills and imaginative thinking. Every wooden utensil is a tool for tiny chefs to explore the joy of make-believe cooking. Put the chef dressing up on from Jabadabado and get ready for the professional to cook some yummy delights. 

4. Wooden Animals

As little hands grasp these tactile wonders, storytelling takes center stage. Whether creating a jungle safari train track or a farmyard tale, wooden animals become companions in a world where imagination knows no bounds.

5. Little Dutch Scooters

Wooden scooters bring a new dimension to playtime mobility. As little feet push and glide, balance and coordination skills are refined. These charming scooters are not just toys; they are the vehicles of choice for spirited adventurers exploring their wooden realm.

6. Little Dutch and Uncle Goose Wooden Blocks

A timeless classic, wooden blocks are the building blocks of creativity. From constructing towers to designing mini cities, these blocks lay the foundation for spatial awareness, problem-solving, and endless architectural wonders. There are so many Uncle Goose wooden blocks to choose from like  nursery rhymes,dinosaurs, letters, bugs the options are many. If you are not into wooden blocks then there are also cardboard stacking blocks too in the Little Dutch Collections. 

7. Little Dutch Cuddle Dolls and Soft Toys

Even in the world of wood, there's room for softness. Wooden toys are complemented by snugly soft friends. These plush companions offer comfort, fostering emotional development and providing a huggable contrast to the sturdy wooden playmates. With Cuddle Doll Rosa, Jim, Evi, Anna, Julia and Jake you can bring the pretend play alive.

In the kingdom of educational toys for 2 year old's, each piece is a portal to a world of discovery, learning, and joy. They can all build a foundation for a lifetime of delightful learning, development and growth and progress.