Wooden Toys for 1 Year Olds

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From their very first steps to their first words, every day is an exciting adventure for 1-2 year old. 

From Little Dutch Walkers to satisfying stacking toys and cuddly Soft Dolls, each toy is a buddy in their imaginative world.

Gravity-defying Ball Runs and Pounding Benches add excitement, while the fun Activity Tables becomes a portal to endless discoveries.

In this toddler toy wonderland, laughter, learning, and delightful discoveries abound, making playtime a magical adventure for our tiny tots!

What toys are good for 1 year old and why

Exploring the world of toys for our little ones is like embarking on a magical adventure full of exciting options.

1. Little Dutch Walkers

Enter the world of Walkers. The turbo-charged buddies for little explorers on the move! These wheeled wonders provide a front-row seat to the adventure of walking. They bring a mini road trip with every wobbly step.

Walker wagon or Activity Walker – which one is your favorite?

2. Little Dutch Stacking Toys

There is something so satisfying about stacking all the pieces in the set. They are a brilliant way to explore the magic of balance, coordination and patience. They come in flowers and butterflies, a little farm, and baby bunny design. You can also find them in boxes like the cardboard stacking boxes by Little Dutch or soft ones too.

3. Little Dutch Cuddle Soft Doll and Miffy

Meet the Cuddle Dolls – commanders for tiny tots! With plush bodies as huggable as marshmallows and friendly faces as cheerful as sunshine, these dolls become confidantes in a world of imagination and comfort.

4. Little Dutch Ball Runs

These gravity-defying ball runs bring excitement to the room as they release balls down the ramps, watching the magic unfold. It's a wonderful source of laughter and discovery!

5. Little Dutch Pounding Benches

Perfect workout for the young ones in training! With pegs and a sturdy hammer, they can create a beat that's music to not everyone’s ears. At least you know where they are.

6. Little Dutch Activity Table

Step into the Activity Table – the hub of endless discoveries! From spinning gears to flippable panels, this multi-faceted table is a whirlwind of excitement. It is a wonderful portal to a world where curiosity is key. Little Farm, Flowers and Butterflies, or Sailor Bay – which one would go well in your home?

7. Tricycles and Ride-On Cars

As little legs pedal away, a world of independent walking unfolds. It's not just a tricycle ride; it's a journey into newfound freedom, turning every green space into a racetrack! Tricycle or ride-on cars – which one would you choose?

In the toddler toy wonderland, each plaything is a star, contributing to laughter, learning, and a world of delightful discoveries.

From the fun walkers to the cute tricycles, these toys make every moment a playtime adventure for our tiny tots!