Hello and welcome to our Zidar family

We have been working in the early years sector for over 20 years and are passionate about delivering the best experiences and activities for young children. We know that supporting children in the early years lays the foundations on which they can build further.


Why we're here

We believe there is a lack of web stores focused on toys that are great fun, educational and presented online in the best way we know how. We know you can't always visit a shop before buying, so we've hand picked and parent tested the best toys from around the world for you.

We also strongly believe in exceptional customer service, and hope to make you a customer for life.

How we work

Jean Piaget, a child development theorist, believed that children learn best when they interact with the environment. That is why most of our toys are made of natural materials such as wood.

We believe that children need to experience these natural materials and connect to the natural world. Each child has their own schema and the way they learn. We offer a variety of toys that cover multiple schemas, so you can be assured that your child will enjoy playing with them, learning and exploring.

We believe in sustainability and have toys that are made of sustainable materials, as well as quality toys that will last a long time.

Speech bubbles


We talk constantly to our suppliers and parent testers to trial everything in real situations.



We believe the small things matter

Thread spool


Materials matter. You can read in more detail about all the fabrics, materials & processes we use.

Colour swatches


All of our products are designed to work & look good together. So shopping, playing and learning is less stress and more fun.



We don't believe in charging you a premium for quality, sustainable products.