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Wooden Space Toys

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All aboard, destination Mars! 🪐

Our amazing wooden space toys will take you to another galaxy, or just enjoy a vacation from Earth while exploring our wonderful toys. 

Space and Universe toys for Children

In the words of Jill Murphy: “Wooooosh went Baby Bear out into the night…”

Zoom zoom zoom, Prepare for liftoff.

Buckle up, because there are so many benefits of playing with our space toys.

1. STEM learning.

These toys are like little rockets that launch your child's imagination into space! They'll be learning about science, technology, engineering, and math in a fun and exciting way. Who knows, maybe your child will grow up to be the next Neil Armstrong or Elon Musk!

2. Hand-eye coordination.

Your child will be dodging asteroids and flying through the cosmos with their trusty Cosmic Space Rocket Board or Planet,Moon and Constellation Blocks. This will definitely be setting them up for success in other tasks like writing, tying their shoes, and even brushing their teeth!

3. Speech and communication skills. 

Playing with their friends on the Space Mat by Tender Leaf they can learn about sharing and caring. They'll be able to communicate their thoughts clearly and confidently, making them the captain of their social circle!

4. Problem-solving skills.

Whether it's piecing together the Galaxy Magblock or navigating their way through an asteroid field. Watch out, Einstein, we've got some little problem-solvers in training here!

5. Finally, creativity and imagination.

With their space toys, they can let their imagination run wild and create stories and art about distant worlds. Your child might be the next Van Gogh or Picasso!

Who knows, maybe they'll even come up with a new alien species!

So there you have it, the benefits of playing and exploring our range of space toys are simply out of this world!

So why wait?

Get ready to launch into a world of fun and adventure with your little ones today!

3...2...1...blast off!