Small Foot Wooden Toys

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🌳 Happiness is made of wood! Small foot wooden toys fulfil children's basic need for happy, boundless play. With their modern design and diverse first play experiences, they offer children space for their own world of ideas and help develop imagination and creativity.

Made in Germany

With multiple play goals in one product, they encourage children to dive deep into their play and discover new things - or even just themselves. From playing to staring in amazement, from fun to learning - small foot offers playing and learning experiences that stick with you for life!

The design, development, and quality control of our small foot toys takes place in the head office in Germany. This is where it all happens.

They are robust and durable so that children can play with them in a carefree way. We at small foot perform intensive quality control on our products and adhere to all of the common norms for safe toys.

For all toys that we manufacture, there's also our own high quality requirements: toys must be safe!