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Janod is a French brand that specialises in designing wooden and cardboard toys and games. The brand effortlessly transcends generations by adapting to the needs and expectations of its target audience, whilst appealing to parents’ fond childhood memories.

1970: The year in which the wooden activity toy was first developed by Louis Janod – the brand’s founder – in the Jura region of France. This former wood turner – initially an importer and distributor of his own products – gradually decided to try his hand at designing his own collections. Since then, Janod has continued to develop and diversify.

Taking pleasure in doing things well, making them beautiful, providing joy and seeing that same joy plastered on children’s faces.

Janod's Vision

Growing up is a wonderful adventure, and for that reason, we are an endless source of inspiration.

Janod's Mission

Having a helping hand in children’s development and getting them ready to explore the world as it is now and one day could be.

Janod's Ambition

Seeing kids unwittingly learn and understand, without perhaps even intending to.

Janod is committed to children and their development by advocating values such as children’s development through play and the protection of the environment in which they will grow up. We strive to design beautiful, useful products, and therefore high quality standards and constant checks are a must.

The varnishes and paints used in our toys are tested by laboratories in accordance with current standards and regulations. Quality standards apply to our paints and varnishes. Water-based paint is used on some of our toys and is preferred for early-learning toys intended for children under the age of 3, who tend to put them in their mouths. In addition, we  test the paint for discoloration to saliva for toys intended for children under the age of 3.

We also use vegetable-based inks to print most of our cardboard toys made in France (puzzles and board games): in addition to being more rapidly recyclable and biodegradable, these inks are tested in the same way as our paints and varnishes