Wooden Polar Arctic Animals

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Embark on an Arctic adventure to the North Pole with Tender Leaf's wooden polar toy animal figurines in search of easy breezy frosty fun ❄️ With their icy realism and top-notch craftsmanship, these animal toy figurines are the ultimate partners for your child's wildest imaginative fantasy and storytelling ❄️

Fun facts about Polar Arctic Animals that children might find fascinating

These Arctic animals have adapted to the extreme cold and harsh conditions of the polar region in fascinating ways, making them a subject of wonder and admiration for nature enthusiasts around the world.

Polar Bears

These big, fluffy swimmers are like Olympic champions of the Arctic waters. While they might look like they're enjoying a snow day, their fur is actually transparent, and their skin underneath is black. It's like they're wearing the ultimate camouflage tuxedo!

Arctic Foxes

These fashionistas of the fur world are like the Arctic's top models, changing their coats with the seasons. It's all about staying chic, whether it's winter white or summer grey.

Arctic Hares

These guys are basically the Arctic's sprinters. With legs more powerful than a rocket, they can zoom past predators like they're in a hare-y movie chase scene. 


Walruses use their epic tusks like a built-in ladder to help them hop out of the water and onto the ice. And boy, are they into social gatherings – you could say they're "tusk-tastic" party animals!

Beluga Whales

Belugas are the pop stars of the sea, belting out high-pitched tunes that are all the rage in the ocean. Their fashion statement? Pure white – they're like the sea's own divas!


Imagine a unicorn with a twist. Narwhals are the Arctic's 10 foot long horned rock stars, and they're still keeping scientists guessing about the purpose of those fancy tusks.


From pups to teens, seals know how to rock the fashion world. They start with a fluffy, pristine white coat, but as they grow older, it's out with the old, in with the sleek and stylish.


These birds are like the James Bonds of the Arctic, except they have wings and tuxedos for swimming! They dive underwater with their wings to nab fish, and their colourful beaks make them the Arctic's top models.


These tiny terrors are so serious about their space that they use scent marking to claim their own no-entry zones.


Talk about fashion-forward! Elks are the true trendsetters with their thick, luxurious coats. Winter chic, providing insulation against low temperatures. Who knew being warm could be so stylish?


Snowy owls are basically the fashion models of the bird world. With their striking yellow eyes, they've mastered the art of the charm. Plus, they're the yoga masters of the avian kingdom, showing off their head-turning skills with a 270-degree rotation. Talk about owl-mazing flexibility!


Despite the dramatic name, killer whales are actually the rock stars of the dolphin family. Dolphins in leather jackets cruising the ocean and they know how to make a splash in the family album!


When swimming, their dark backs blend with the ocean depths, while their white bellies match the bright surface, giving them a stealthy advantage against predators. Who knew looking sharp could be a survival tactic? Tuxedos, not just for fancy events!

So, if you're looking for a way to make playtime both educational and absolutely enjoyable Tenderleaf's wooden polar arctic toy animals are here to deliver frosty, fabulous, and fun-filled adventures.