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Every child loves to pretend they are hosting their own tea party, and with our wooden tea sets from Little DutchTender Leaf and Mentari it couldn’t be easier!

Our range of wooden cakes, tea sets and tea party toys are also sure to delight your little one and provide hours of fantastic pretend play 🫖

Tea Sets versus Coffee Machines for Pretend Role Play in the Kitchen!

"Would you care for one sugar or two?"
Before you make your decision, let's consider some important factors when choosing between the two.

1. Personal interest plays a significant role

Are you Team Coffee or Team Tea? The ultimate decision rests on personal preferences! We offer a selection of coffee machines, each with its own unique features.

Tea sets are perfect for formal and refined occasions, featuring delicate cups, saucers, a teapot, and a sugar and creamer set. On the other hand, coffee sets are more practical and functional, reflecting the fast-paced and utilitarian nature of coffee consumption.

It's all about personal preference and lifestyle, so choose the toy that suits your household best. One thing is for sure – both are great for pretend play, teaching children sharing and engaging them in conversations with their friends.

2. Age-Appropriate Brewing for Appropriate Learning and Development

Whether your little ones need larger, simpler delights or crave the challenge of intricate sets, this is something you need to consider.

It's not just about pouring tea or brewing coffee – it's a whole party of pretend play possibilities!

3. Tea Elegance vs. Coffee Practicality, and Size Definitely Counts

Tea set, Coffee machine, or Cafe corner where you can have them both.

Tea sets bring forth the charm of formal affairs, with delicate cups, saucers, and the whole shebang. Meanwhile, coffee sets exude practicality with a fast-paced vibe. The Coffee Corners bring the best of both worlds.

The choice is yours.

In summary, one thing is for sure:

whether it's tea or coffee, these toys are not just about pretend play – they're about sharing moments and engaging in delightful conversations with friends.

Sip away, and let the laughter brew!

Sip and share!