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Wooden Animals

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Each animal from Tender leaf is lovingly crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and a tactile play experience that sparks curiosity and creativity.

From the majestic lions of the safari to the friendly farm animals and prehistoric dinosaurs, our wooden toy animals help children develop a deeper appreciation for the world around them while nurturing their love for play and discovery.💗

Which one is better Wooden animals or Plastic ones?

Forget plastic animals—wooden ones are the real deal of the toy world!

When it comes to the ultimate showdown between wooden and plastic animals, wooden toys for us always take the cake.

Why, you ask? When it comes to choosing between wooden animals and plastic ones, there are several compelling reasons why wooden toys come out on top.

First off, let's talk safety.

Unlike their plastic counterparts that might sneak in some sneaky chemicals like BPA and phthalates, wooden toys are as natural as a walk in the forest. No toxins here, folks! Parents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their children are playing with toys that won't cause any health hiccups.

Now, onto durability.

Wooden toys are like the Energizer Bunny—they just keep going and going. They're not only better for the environment (goodbye, endless plastic waste!), but they also save parents a pretty penny in the long run by passing the beautiful toys from generation to generation without loosing the cool. Talk about a win-win! Have you seen the shelf with animals by Tender Leaf?

But wait, there's more!

From a sensory standpoint, wooden toys are like a symphony for the senses.

The smooth texture of wood engages little hands and sparks imaginative play like nobody's business. Plastic toys, on the other hand, can feel about as exciting as a soggy noodle.

And let's not forget about Mother Earth.

Plastic toys are like the ultimate party destroyers when it comes to pollution and waste. They stick around for centuries, clogging up landfills and oceans. Wooden toys, on the flip side, are the eco-warriors of the toy box. Made from sustainably sourced wood and biodegradable to boot, they're the planet's BFFs.

So, why settle for plastic when you can go Au natural with wooden toys?

Whether your little explorer is on a safari adventure, at the farm, woodland , arctic or journeying back in time with dinosaurs, Tender Leaf wooden animals promise endless fun and oodles of learning—all while keeping the planet smiling.