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Little Dutch Collections presents a captivating array of toys designed to delight and engage children across various developmental stages.

Wonderfully Cherished Children's Toys from Little Dutch

Renowned for their commitment to quality and creativity, Little Dutch offers a diverse range of playthings crafted from child-friendly materials. They offer a wide range of products including walkers, dolls, playmats, kitchens, garages and much more. From soft and cuddly plush toys to intricately designed wooden puzzles, each item is thoughtfully created to stimulate a child's imagination and encourage holistic development.

All Little Dutch products are designed in-house and are produced with an emphasis on sustainability and safety.

Origins and Founder's Vision

Little Dutch, a brand that captures the essence of modern family living, started as a small initiative in an attic.

Founded by Rinke van der Helm, the brand emerged from a personal quest for lovely nursery accessories during her pregnancy.

Starting with making lamps, Rinke's creations received positive reactions, inspiring her to convey love through beautiful, unique products.

Little Dutch has since evolved into an international label with a broad assortment for babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.

Dutch Design and Commitment

Little Dutch is a Dutch-born brand, and the in-house design team designs a versatile collection of products. From toys and bed linens to essentials and decorations, each item is a timeless treasure. The brand prioritizes both children's needs and parents' wishes, ensuring products are not only stylish but also safe for children.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Little Dutch revolves around love and family, supporting parents through the challenges of parenthood. The vision includes family happiness, with a dream to become an integral part of growing children and their parents.

"Enjoy the little things" is their mantra, encouraging families to find joy in everyday moments.

The Team Behind Little Dutch

The success of Little Dutch is attributed to a passionate team of 30 hardworking colleagues based in the Netherlands. Their love and dedication are reflected not only in the designs but also in the organization's dynamic and hands-on approach.

The Values of Little Dutch

💗Be Loving

Little Dutch draws inspiration from the unconditional love that parents have for their children, evident in every collection.

💗Be Versatile

Offering a range of products for different stages of child development, Little Dutch's collections complement each other seamlessly.

💗Be Comfortable

Products are incredibly soft, designed for maximum convenience, ensuring comfort for both kids and parents.

💗Have Fun

Little Dutch turns everyday life into an adventure with attractive textures, fun colours, and appealing designs, encouraging imagination and skill development.

Little Dutch Collections

Little Dutch offers a diverse range of collections, each telling a unique story:

Newborn Naturals Baby Bunny Collection

Inspired by the soft, pure nature of new-borns, featuring calming colours and improved materials for safety and comfort.

Flowers & Butterflies Collection

A vibrant collection capturing the essence of a dreamy garden setting with playful characters and textiles.

Sailors Bay Collection

Reflecting daily life in a coastal village, this collection includes a range of captivating items from carpets to care products.

Miffy Collaboration

A unique collaboration with the iconic Dutch character Miffy, offering a variety of cuddly toys, blankets, and more.

Little Farm Collection

Bringing the charm of the farm to life with a delightful range of products.

Customer Testimonials

Customers praise Little Dutch for its beautifully designed, high-quality, and purse-friendly products. The brand's commitment to functionality, attractiveness, and original finishes resonates with parents globally.

Little Dutch has become a beloved name, known for it's colourful baby and children's room essentials, accessories, and toys.

The brand's clear vision of creating functional, attractive, and timeless products aligns with the needs and desires of modern families.

Little Dutch continues to grow dynamically, offering a comprehensive range of products to make every step in a child's development enjoyable.