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No matter what the style every doll house needs furniture.

With such a wide variety of doll house furniture available it's easy to find pieces that fit any budget and taste.

Bedroom, Study, Sitting room, Bathroom Children's Room and nursery.

Which room are you ready to decorate in your doll house ? 

Are the Wooden Dolls ready to move in? 

How to Decorate a Wooden Dolls House and what do you need to make the dolls house a wonderful opportunity for pretend play?

To decorate a wooden dollhouse, you'll need a variety of materials and supplies to bring your miniature world to life.

First it would be nice if you have the basics.  Having some Tenderleaf furniture is like inviting a slice of the forest into your home, infusing every nook and cranny with warmth and character.

Let's embark on a journey through each room, where imagination meets craftsmanship and fun is guaranteed!

Decorating of the Dolls Bedroom

Step into the cozy haven of your dollhouse bedroom, where relaxation reigns supreme. Picture a charming wooden bed adorned with soft miniature linens, fluffy pillows, and a cozy quilt, beckoning you to sink into a world of dreams. Don't forget the tiny wooden nightstand, complete with a dainty lamp for bedtime reading and a miniature rug to warm tiny feet in the morning. Feeling extra creative? Grab some paper, pencil, and tape to transform this bedroom into a wallpapered boudoir fit for royalty!

Decorating of the Dolls Kitchen

In the dollhouse kitchen, unleash your inner chef! Gather 'round a petite wooden dining table with matching chairs, perfect for dollhouse dinner parties filled with laughter and delicious aromas. Imagine a miniature wooden kitchen island adorned with tiny pots and pans, ready for culinary adventures of all sizes. And let's not forget the sweet touch of miniature fruits and veggies adding a pop of color and freshness to the counter. With Tenderleaf, cooking becomes a delightful experience where you can let your culinary creativity run wild!

Decorating of the Bathroom

Transform your dollhouse bathroom into a spa-like retreat for your tiny dolls. Picture a tiny wooden vanity adorned with miniature bottles of lotions and potions, complete with a fluffy towel nearby for luxurious dollhouse bubble baths. Don't forget the thoughtful touches like toilet paper by the toilet seat and makeup by the sink, adding a touch of realism to your doll's daily routine. With Tenderleaf furniture, every trip to the bathroom feels like a pampering session in a five-star resort!

Decorating of the Children's Room

Let the adventures begin in the children's room of your dollhouse! Picture a whimsical wooden bear bed with soft bedding, perfect for dollhouse sleepovers and imaginative play. Add a wooden rocking chair and rocking horse, and watch as this children's bedroom transforms into a magical realm of fun and creativity. With Tenderleaf, every corner becomes a space for laughter, learning, and endless adventures!

Decorating of the Nursery

Create a cozy haven for your tiny bundles of joy in the dollhouse nursery. Picture a charming wooden crib inviting sweet dreams and peaceful nights. Add a miniature rocking chair for soothing bedtime stories and a tiny wooden toy chest for storing precious dollhouse treasures. With Tenderleaf furniture, every moment in the nursery becomes a cherished memory filled with love and tenderness.

Decorating of the Study

Welcome to the dollhouse study, where creativity meets productivity in the most charming of settings. Picture a wooden desk adorned with notebooks, pencils, and inspiration aplenty, ready to bring your dollhouse dreams to life. With Tenderleaf, every idea becomes a masterpiece, every project a labor of love. Whether you're tackling homework, crafting masterpieces, or writing the next great dollhouse novel, this is where dreams take shape and imaginations soar!

By incorporating Tenderleaf furniture into your dollhouse décor, you're not just creating a miniature world—you're crafting a cozy, inviting, and oh-so-stylish retreat that celebrates the beauty of natural materials and timeless craftsmanship.

Before we finish , please don't forget the people that live in the house.

Is it Mr Forester, Ms Goodwood or the Leaf and Sunny Wooden Doll Family.

Gather your miniature friends and let the decorating adventures begin!

With the addition of paper, pen and tape you can make the dolls house a truly wonderful magical experience.