How do stacking toys help children in their learning and development

Elena Zidar |

If you are looking for a versatile toy that can help your child learn and grow, then stacking toys are the perfect choice.

They come in different sizes, colours, shapes and textures and are perfect for the little hands. 

From creating beautiful architecture to designing abstract shapes, stacking toys are going to bring lots of fun play for your child. The stacking toys at Zidarkid are made from 100% wood and they are sturdy and safe for the little hands and present a great way to engage your child's mind and body

Here are some of the benefits why stacking toys are good to have at home : 

🤔They help with problem solving as well as coordination as your little one creates their architectural masterpieces. 

🤏Picking and manipulating the different parts will help your child develop their fine motor skills. These skills are essential for everyday activities such as writing, dressing and eating. The stacking toys are also a great way to teach your child about balance and stability.

🎨Stacking toys are a great way to encourage creative play. Your child can create towers, castles, houses or any other structure they can imagine

🧮As your child grows, they will begin to develop an understanding of size, height and different shapes. Stacking toys are a great way to encourage these skills, as well as developing concentration, hand-eye coordination and balance.

😀Building and rebuilding, taking their constructions down and re-modeling will also build your child’s self-esteem and confidence. 

 With so many benefits, it's no wonder that stacking toys are a staple in many early childhood classrooms and children’s playrooms. 

At ZidarKid, we carry a wide selection of high-quality wooden stacking toys that are sure to please and engage. 

They are affordably priced, so you can rest assured that you are getting great value for your money.With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless with these fun stacking toys. Our range includes Wonderworld, Tenderleaf and Smallfoot .