Little Dutch Wooden Sailors Bay Activity Table

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🚨 Engaging and educational

Discover all the many activities this table has to offer. Help the seagulls bring the beads along the spiral. Or build a lighthouse. Complete the puzzle, turn the wheels, and cross the ocean with the little boats.

This wooden multi-activity table isn't just fun—it's also great for learning and development. Your little one can explore five different activities, each one helping them develop fine motor skills. By moving beads along the spiral, assembling a lighthouse puzzle, and turning wheels to navigate little boats across the ocean, children enhance their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

But that's not all. This table encourages toddlers to stand up, promoting physical development and balance. As they engage with the various features, they're also building muscles and improving their posture.

Furthermore, the activities on this table provide valuable learning opportunities. As children manipulate the pieces and experiment with cause and effect, they're learning about spatial relationships, problem-solving, and critical thinking. This hands-on exploration lays a strong foundation for future learning in areas like math, science, and creative expression.

With its engaging design and educational benefits, this activity table is sure to captivate your toddler's interest for hours on end while fostering their growth and development in multiple areas

  • ✔️ 39 x 39 x 54 cm
  • 🌳 100% FSC wood
  • ❇️ Safe and balanced design

Little Dutch is a brand of toys and nursery décor products, known for its bright colours, playful designs and high-quality materials. All Little Dutch products are designed in-house and are produced with an emphasis on sustainability.

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Promote active learning and fine motor skill development with the Little Dutch wooden multi-activity table. With stimulating activities designed to keep your child engaged, this table is the perfect tool for encouraging standing and learning through play.

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Ages 1+

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  • Activity Table

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🧼 Wipe clean with a cloth

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Little Dutch