Tender Leaf Peppe Rag Doll 25cm

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❤️ Where are we going today Peppe?

Introducing Peppe, our enchanting soft rag doll from the esteemed Tender Leaf brand!

He is wearing an embroidered puppy jumper and comes complete with realistic woollen hair. Made from soft fabrics that bring a unique charm to this doll. Pepe is presented in an illustrated gift box making this a great gift for children. 

Crafted with care from hand-picked fabrics, Peppe is designed to be as unique as the imagination she inspires. Tender Leaf, known for their commitment to quality and sustainability, ensures that Peppe is not only beautiful but also of the highest quality, ensuring durability and endless playtime adventures.

As children cuddle up with Peppe, they not only enjoy the comfort of her soft embrace but also immerse themselves in a world of learning. Through nurturing role-play scenarios, children develop empathy and social skills, learning to care for their doll just as they would a friend or family member. With Peppe by their side, children embark on imaginative journeys filled with exploration, discovery, and endless possibilities.

With Tender Leaf's dedication to quality and Peppe's timeless charm, this soft rag doll becomes more than just a toy—it becomes a cherished companion on a child's journey of growth and discovery.

  • ✔️ Size: 6.5 x 11 x 26cm
  • 🌳 Made from GOTS certified organic cotton
  • ❇️ Bringing comfort,warmth and curiousity

Tender Leaf creates exciting worlds of imaginative wooden toys that are made to last with a lifetime of love. Continuously developing and growing their charmingly quirky products, we wholeheartedly recommend them.

🗣️ We think

Peppe encourages social, emotional, and cognitive development in children, making her an essential addition to any playtime adventure.

👶 Suitable for

Ages 3+

📦 In the box

  • Soft Rag Doll

🧸 Info & Care

🧼 Wipe clean with a cloth

❤️ Made by

Tender Leaf